Derbyshire Police Federation

Government plans police covenant

20 July 2019

The Home Secretary revealed plans to establish a police covenant to recognise the sacrifice made by police officers when he addressed Thursday's Police Bravery Awards ceremony.

Sajid Javid said the covenant would recognise that police officers are not employees but hold the ‘office of constable’ bringing with it a high level of personal accountability and responsibility for the protection of life and property. 

“I’m pleased to announce that the Government plans to introduce a police covenant to provide the support the police so richly deserve,” he said, “This will be a pledge to do more as a nation to help those who serve this country. It will ensure the sacrifice made by the police is properly recognised.

“I’m in awe of every officer who plays their part in keeping this country safe. Rest assured, the Government has your back – and the police covenant will make sure of that.”

Welcoming the announcement, Tony Wetton, chair of Derbyshire Police Federation, said: “I can only see this covenant as a big step in the right direction. Police officers put their lives on the line as they go about their duties protecting the public. In return, their commitment and sacrifice should be recognised and their wellbeing should be prioritised by the Government and police leaders

“The covenant would enshrine police officers’ welfare in law and acknowledge the unique role they play in society.”

The Home Secretary also announced plans for the Police Federation to extend its support to Special Constables, which will give the volunteers the option of the same protections as their colleagues.

There will be a consultation period on the plans for the covenant.

The news comes just a week after the report from last year’s Front-Line Review in policing was published and included six recommendations for improving the wellbeing of police officers and staff.


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