Derbyshire Police Federation

Finance theme for Did You Know?

11 March 2019

The Federation’s Did You Know? campaign this month is focusing on finance-related issues.

A theme is chosen each month, based on questions that the Police Federation of England and Wales receives from members. The aim is to highlight key issues and to make sure serving officers know exactly what they can claim as part of their role.

Launched in November, the campaign has already focused on annual leave and rest days.

This month the campaign covers the allowances and expenses you can claim for doing your role, and topics will include NHS medical costs incurred while on duty and pension buy-back.

National Federation chair John Apter, addressing members, said: “I am really pleased that the Did You Know? campaign, which is fundamentally about you understanding your rights, is now being rolled out across England and Wales.

“Over the coming weeks and months we are going to be putting out information which we believe is going to be really important to you to understand what your rights are.

“Police regulations are not there to be cherry-picked. They are not a nice to have. They are the rules we must comply with. They are your rights.

“Please help us to educate all police officers about what your rights are. The Did You Know? campaign will, hopefully, share some valuable information over the coming months.”

For more information on the campaign, including FAQs, visit Did You Know?



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