Derbyshire Police Federation

Experienced rep keen to support colleagues

26 September 2019

Adam Galley is pleased to have been elected as workplace Federation representative having put himself forward for the role out of a desire to continue to help colleagues facing any kind of difficulty at work.

The former Federation branch secretary started to subscribe to the Federation as soon as he joined Derbyshire Constabulary on 31 January 2000 to ensure that he had access to the support and protection afforded to members and has been a workplace rep since October 2008.

“I am highly trained and experienced and want to help my colleagues in all areas where they may encounter difficulties,” says Adam who has received support from the Federation in the past when subjected to complaints from the public and, on one occasion, a fellow officer.

“I would urge everyone from the Federated ranks not only to subscribe to the Federation to ensure they have access to the range of support it can offer but also to engage with us more so that we can become fully representative of their views and also ensure they make full use of our services.”

In terms of the challenges ahead, Adam believes Derbyshire Police Federation needs to ensure it remains autonomous and not under the control of the national Federation while the Force, he says, still needs more officers and staff to cope with increased demand.

“The police service itself has to continue to police without fear or favour while becoming ever more politicised and controlled by the Government which, in my opinion, sees us more as a necessary inconvenience rather than protectors of law and order,” he adds.

Adam is currently Acting Sergeant in Group 2 Matlock while previous roles have included Bolsover Section 2, Shirebrook Safer Neighbourhood Team and Wildlife Crime Officer, CrimeTeam at Chesterfield, Bolsover Section, the full-time Federation secretary role, business futures at HQ and Amber Valley Section.

But he has his wife to thank for becoming a police officer in the first place.

“She reminded me I had always dreamt of being a police officer but had never applied so I did and got in,” Adam says.





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