Derbyshire Police Federation

Chair issues statement on pensions

4 November 2019

The Police Federation will continue to do the best it can for all members in relation to the ongoing legal process regarding the 2015 pension scheme, national chair John Apter has re-iterated in a new statement on the issue.

John also confirms that the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) will represent the interests of all members, ensuring no one is left behind.

“The whole pension situation is a complex one and there are still many unknowns. However, I give you my word that PFEW will continue to do the best we can for all our members in what is a difficult and challenging situation,” says John.

“Once I am in an informed position to announce how these changes will affect you directly, I will let you know.”

The Federation published the blog just days after it was one of seven staff associations representing officers across the UK to be granted interested party status in the Employment Tribunal considering the remedy over discriminatory aspects of the scheme.

The Government has also confirmed that the remedy will apply to all officers discriminated against not just those who have lodged a claim.

The national chair writes: “This is also good news as it effectively means that the same benefits will be received for all officers who were discriminated against, without the need to submit a claim to receive this benefit.

“What is yet to be decided upon is whether any compensation will be awarded to the claimants in addition to the discrimination being remedied. This will be decided by the Employment Tribunal during the course of 2020 after they hear and consider evidence of any suffering caused by the discrimination.”

Read John Apter’s full statement.




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