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Wiltshire Police Federation


Generally, stress and poor psychological wellbeing is widespread in the police service. We are here to help.

Below are some resources for support and advice on mental as well as physical health, or please contact us.

World Menopause Day - Wellbeing guide from Police Mutual

World Mental Health Day - Wellbeing guide from Police Mutual

COVID-19 Chair's Update

Police Federation - COVID-19 Advice

National Menopause Guidance

Police Related Charities


Wiltshire Police Benevolent Trust

Since 2007 the Wiltshire Police Benevolent Trust became a registered charity, this changes our status which allowed the Trustees to help not only serving officers, retired officers, but police staff and their families too.

Over 15 years, thanks to your contributions we’ve been able to support hundreds of our policing family through difficult times, we have assisted with purchasing equipment to improve mobility and quality of life for several members.

The sort of things we’ve aided with include, the purchase of specialist equipment for a disabled child; Building works to facilitate wheelchair use and purchase of purpose made motorised scooter and trailer.

The current Trustees are:

  • Superintendent Steve Cox - Representative of Chief Constable
  • Superintendent Liz Coles - Superintendents Association
  • Pc Sarah Ennis - Police Federation 
  • Mr Cliff Fuller - UNISON 
  • Mr Cavan Moroney - NARPO

The police officer donation of £2.13p which includes a donation to Wiltshire police benevolent Trust, The Gurney fund, and the Police Care UK.

Police staff, can only donate towards the Benevolent Trust, the 91p. This is due to the other two charities being for police officers.

You can also update your details if they’ve changed. If you would like to contribute into the fund, please email polfed@wiltshire.police.uk with your payroll number and authority to commence deductions.


National health and wellbeing leaflet

Health and wellbeing leaflet

Officers now work longer hours, have to manage incidents with less resources, have higher workloads and have taken on more responsibility - all the while needing to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle required to pass the annual fitness test. 

Ill health can affect anyone at any age in their lives, some issues affect both sexes, while some are gender specific. Both physical and mental health are serious considerations for the Federation. The aim of this booklet - by the national Police Federation of England and Wales - is to provide you with some useful information and preventative advice for a healthier you.

View the national health and wellbeing leaflet





Welfare Support Programme


The WSP offers a 24 hour 365 day a year telephone support line for you and your family where you can speak directly to our trained staff regarding the issues that concern you.

They are certificated in mental health first aid and are there to listen to your concerns and help you to get the best support available and have had training in police discipline procedures and post incident procedures. 

Call 01354 669749 or click here for more information.


Flint House is a charity, entirely funded by donations from those in the police service and their families. It is with these generous donations that we help and heal over 2,500 serving and retired police officers each year, providing physical rehabilitation and mental health support.

Flint House offers a safe, relaxed environment for serving and retired officers. Everyone is treated with care and respect (no ranks, no hierarchy) by our caring and experienced practitioners. Whether a new recruit or an experienced veteran, there’s a good chance you’ll need our services at some point.

IT COSTS NO MORE THAN A CUP OF COFFEE A WEEK for access to Flint House's residential, outpatient and virtual treatments. 

For more information about subscribing to Flint House, or to sign up click on the link here 

Flint House - Leaflet


Police Firearms Officers Association


NARPO is the only National association representing the interests of retired Police Officers.

The objects of the Association are to safeguard the rights of Members, and to promote measures for their welfare with particular regard to Pensions.

In areas where the local Police Service no longer provide welfare support for retired officers, NARPO now fulfils that role.  Wiltshire is one such area.

NARPO welcome new members, who are encouraged to join any of the meetings or social events.

Click on the link for more information and how to join https://www.narpo-wilts.org.uk