90 days from today is Sat, 03 October 2020

Wiltshire Police Federation


Slater & Gordon (previously RJW)



Slater & Gordon Solicitors specialising in Police Divorce, have arranged further surgeries to be held at the Federation office on the following dates:

Thursday 16th January 2020

Thursday 12th March

Thursday 14th May

Thursday 16th July 

Thursday 10th September

Thursday 12th November

If you wish to make an appointment then please contact the Federation office on: Direct Dial - 01380 861043 or Internal - HQ Ext 39805/37067

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Don’t forget, Police Mutual are also offering a refer a friend scheme:



Wednesday 19th February 2020

Wednesday 8th April

Wednesday 10th June

Wednesday 12th August

Wednesday 7th October

Wednesday 2nd December 


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