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Wiltshire Police Federation

National Chair responds to PM lockdown announcement

4 January 2021


The National Chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales, John Apter, has responded to the Prime Minister's announcement of a new national lockdown across England earlier this evening, asking the public to do their part to keep each other safe.

Mr. Apter said:

“With the new variant of the COVID-19 virus spreading so quickly it comes as no surprise that a new lockdown has been put in place. More people are contracting the virus and more are dying from it. Our hospitals are struggling to cope: these are tough times.

It’s essential that people heed the new rules and stay at home unless absolutely necessary. Police officers will continue to do their best in these unprecedented times but I accept these next few months are going to be difficult on an emotional, psychological and practical level. However, we must all pull together and do our part.

This has always been about saving lives and supporting our NHS. The vast majority of the public have been supportive of policing in what has been an extraordinary year. I would ask that as we head into another lockdown, they continue to do the right thing and help to keep people as safe as possible.”