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Wiltshire Police Federation

National Chair announces that he is not running for re-election

21 October 2021

Polfed News

National Chair John Apter has announced that he will not be standing for re-election in the upcoming National Chair elections. 

“This role is a privilege to hold and it truly is an honour to do what I do. However, I feel after a pretty eventful three and a half years for the Police Federation and for policing in general, and with almost 30 years’ service, it’s time for me to move on.

“I’ve been a Fed Rep for as long as I can remember; I love what the Federation and our Reps do and I couldn’t be more proud of the small part I have played. A lot has happened since I became National Chair, both professionally and personally; it’s been relentless. In all that time, all I have ever done is my best, and I hope that in some small way I have helped make a positive difference.

“I will continue to do my very best until the new National Chair takes up the position in April 2022 and I wish them well in this exciting and unique role. It’s truly something special.”