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Wiltshire Police Federation

PM’s selective memory over ‘crying wolf’

16 November 2018

Polfed Web

The Prime Minister’s selective memory during a radio interview this morning ‘did her no favours’, according to John Apter, the National Chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW).


On LBC she appeared to dispute using the phrase ‘crying wolf’ at the 2015 PFEW Annual Conference when she was Home Secretary.  But Mr Apter said: “Along with hundreds of other police officers, I was there and distinctly heard Mrs May say ‘This crying wolf has to stop’. The comments were made, everybody heard it and now her selective memory has come back to bite her.”

He said he was deeply disappointed that Mrs May did not seize the chance to offer words of support for the UK’s over-stretched police service during the interview.  Mr Apter said: “At least one force has recently had to suspend 101 calls because they just couldn’t cope and other Chief Constables are coming out publicly and talking about their lack of resources which has caused a crisis in policing. 

He added: “The whole tone of the interview reinforces the message that the Prime Minister has nothing but contempt for policing. It was the ideal moment for her to show her support for our hardworking dedicated officers who are working flat out to try and meet pubic demand, at a time when crime rates are rising and resources are dwindling. But instead she chose to dispute her choice of words at our conference; sadly this is what I have come to expect of her.”