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Wiltshire Police Federation

What is a Local Resolution?

Local resolution is a way of dealing with a complaint by solving, explaining, clearing up or settling the matter directly with the complainant and it is not a disciplinary process. It will not lead to any disciplinary proceedings against you and once complete the complaint will be closed, unless during this process you admit to having committed a criminal act or breached the standards of professional behaviour to the point of committing an act of misconduct. 

A local resolution is a simple but effective way for a member of the community to complain about the behaviour of the staff within the Constabulary, providing an opportunity for people to tell the police what had happened and for the Constabulary to find out why what happened with the outcomes aimed at organisational and individual learning, not sanctions. 

Whilst you do not have the right to Federation representation during this process you should be told fully about the process, what will happen and the outcomes and within the IPOC Statutory Guidance there is now the ability to have a complaint upheld but not substantiated.