90 days from today is Fri, 29 December 2023

Wiltshire Police Federation

Half Pay Calculations - from date of reporting sick - and the officer has Group Insurance.

0-199 days = Statutory Sick Pay of £87pw or approx £377 pcm 

As most officers go on half pay after 181 days they will get 18 days SSP 

After 199 days the officer goes on Employment Support Allowance ESA (after going through a telephone interview) of roughly £314pcm for a period of 13 weeks at least. A link to read about ESA is at https://www.gov.uk/employment-support-allowance/what-youll-get 

Group Insurance - 20% of your monthly gross pay which is an average of about £600 for a top pay scale Constable and £700 for a top pay scale Sergeant. You will receive a letter from the Federation office explaining how to claim the group insurance.