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Wiltshire Police Federation

Federation urges Chiefs to back fair pay for police

28 June 2023

Wiltshire Police Federation has urged chief constables to back fair pay for police officers - following the news that public sector pay rises may not be met. 

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak hinted that he may plan to block upcoming proposals from public sector pay bodies in an attempt to tackle soaring inflation earlier this month. 

But police officers are already 17% worse off than comparable workers due to years of pay freezes and ‘embarrassingly low pay increases’, Wiltshire Police Federation Chair Phil Matthews warned. 

He said: “The news that the Prime Minister is looking to overrule the pay review bodies should be surprising, and outrageous, however it is not. It just shows the utter contempt this inept government has for policing. 

“Since 2010, policing and public services has been the easy target for the Government to save money. Police officers are being asked to do more than they ever have and they are more accountable than they have ever been because of some abhorrent behaviours exhibited by few.” 

Recent reports have shown that officers are struggling financially, with many relying on food banks and loans because they are unable to make ends meet. 

Phil added: “Some are even resigning because they cannot afford to live on the wage given to new police officers. The Government will continue to show their contempt for policing and pretend to care; they dont.

“At the June National Council meeting, the Police Federation of England and Wales voted to ballot members on whether the organisation should pursue industrial rights on behalf of our membership. I appeal to our chief constables across the country to voice their opinions on police pay. Do you support fair pay rises for your officers?”