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Wiltshire Police Federation

Police Officer pay needs huge hike as it dramatically falls 20% behind the cost of living over the past decade

12 April 2022

Police Officer pay now needs a huge hike as it has dramatically fallen 20% behind the cost of living over the past decade+.

The Police Federation’s #PayOurPolice campaign is promoting across Social Media how some serving police officers are sadly using food banks, struggling to put the heating on at home or being afford the fuel to get to work - and how some police officers are even having to sofa surf as they can’t afford a place to stay.

As well as calling for a pay rise for officers in 2022 – to at least ensure officers do not fall any further behind inflation - the #PayOurPolice campaign is reminding the public, Government and MPs of how constant attacks to pay and conditions over the past 10+ years have left their Bobbies beleaguered.

Phil Matthews, Chair of Wiltshire Police Federation, said: “All we are asking for is fairness. The Government have already shown their complete lack of respect for police officers and it’s time for this to change. Police Officers do a dangerous and unique job that needs fair recognition in our pay.

“With the constant cuts we have endured, Police Officers are truly suffering financially. How does this Government expect police officers to carry out fair and honest policing while they are suffering financial strain and massive losses due to the constant attacks on policing and police pay.

“I ask our MPs and politicians to stop and think for just a moment. Calculate what losing nearly 20% of your pay would feel like, what it would feel like to feel undervalued and constantly attacked. All I ask is fair pay. I do not seek unreasonably high pay but only what is fair.

“Police officers are leaving policing because they can’t afford it. The basic rate of a new police officer brings home less than £1,400 per month. Would our ministers and politicians live on that with increasing national insurance, fuel prices that are increasing dramatically? I doubt it.

“Enough is enough, it’s time to stop using police as the obvious choice for pay attacks. Treat our Police Officers fairly and pay them what they are worth. I cannot help but wonder if the lack of ability to take industrial action is what spurs our Government on to choose policing to attack first.” 

The #PayOurPolice campaign is also circulating extensive public polling of the electorate that shows high backing for a police officer pay rise from voters across England and Wales. Four out of five members of the public surveyed support a police officer pay rise at the next opportunity.

A Police Federation spokesman said: “Regardless of the political party people support, voters polled say that MPs Backing our Bobbies with words AND actions would result in more votes for their parties.

“But MPs should not just back a pay rise for police officers because it’s a vote winner – they should back a pay rise for police officers because it’s the right thing to do. So our undervalued officers can be properly recognised and rewarded for their work and the risks they face.”