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Wiltshire Police Federation

Meet The Wiltshire Police Federation Reps – Mark Douglas

11 January 2022

Q. Can you give a brief summary of your career history and your current rank and role?
A. I have been a PC for 5 years, I transferred from the Ministry of Defence Police where I was Fed rep there also. I am currently attached the NPT – Salisbury.

Q. What made you want to be a Fed Rep?
A. I have a passion for Welfare and supporting officers. I was a Fed Rep in my previous force.

Q. Which areas in particular do you focus on?
A. I have a real interest in the Welfare provisions and enhancing these for our members.

Q. What should members do if they’re concerned about anything?
A. Come and speak to anyone of the Federation Reps. I have made my personal number available to all officers and I am happy to speak to anyone and offer advice where I can.

Q. What's an unusual or interesting fact about yourself?
A. I have participated in a wrestling match…. I didn’t win!