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5 Tips to Help Manage Stress

8 November 2022

Polfed News

Feeling overwhelmed? It’s Stress Awareness Week and Flint House’s mental health team is here to help with some tips.

Make a list
If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the amount of tasks you need to complete at work, or at home – then write a list. By breaking it down into easier chunks, things can appear clearer. Make sure you give yourself credit for each task, and don’t forget to tick them off (this alone is a great feeling).

Allow yourself good thoughts
Take a little time to think about the good things in your life. Every day take time to consider all the positives, and list 3 things you're thankful for.

Download Headspace
Be kind to your mind. Luckily, there’s Headspace. With guided lessons on mindfulness, sleep, and simply remembering to breathe, it’s the everyday app for feeling better.

Keep active
Being active can help burn off nervous energy. Even a short burst of 10 minutes of brisk walking increases our mental alertness, energy and positive mood.

See our YouTube channel for some inspirational exercise videos. 

It’s good to talk
Reach out to friends, family and work pals - or contact a helpline. Talking about your problems can release pent-up feelings and could help you to find a solution to the problem.

It’s OK to ask for help
Flint House offers a caring, safe and compassionate environment in which to learn about common mental health conditions including stress, anxiety and depression. We recognise that police officers hear and see things that others can turn away from and that this continued exposure can increase the risk of a mental health decline. Often police officers prioritise the needs of others and do not always have the time and space to look after their own needs. The earlier you