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National Police Bravery Award Winners 2021

9 December 2021

Polfed News

West Yorkshire officers PC Daniel Broderick, PC Elizabeth Brook, PC Anthony Dutton and PC Richard Knowles detained two attackers who murdered Robert Wilson, a factory worker, with a samurai sword.

They received the prestigious award at a ceremony held in London [9/12/21] in front of an audience including The RT Hon Kit Malthouse, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick, and The Rt Hon Yvette Cooper MP.

The officers – one of whom was in the first two weeks of her career – were confronted by the barbaric sight of attackers hacking at the victim with a sword and knives when they arrived at the scene. They courageously managed to detain both assailants, despite the offenders still being in possession of the murder weapon and knives.

Both the victim, Robert Wilson and a colleague, whose hand was severed but managed to run away, worked at the factory where the attack took place. They confronted a gang of trespassing youths who were under the influence of drugs and alcohol before the attack. Both pleaded guilty to murder and were jailed for life in September 2020.

Describing what the four officers witnessed when they arrived at the scene of the attack, PC Brook recalled: “It was like a movie – that’s how I remember it. It was slow motion - we didn’t realise what we were seeing.

PC Dutton said: “The bloke with the samurai sword turned around and looked towards us, but carried on with his hacking, sawing motion just as though if he didn’t care. He didn’t care about what he was doing, and it was just barbaric, inhumane.”

Mr Apter, who personally handed over the Bravery award to the four officers, added: “Daniel, Liz, Ant and Richard represent the very best of policing, and fully deserve all the recognition they will rightly receive."

The 26th Annual Police Bravery Awards, sponsored by Police Mutual and presented by TV presenter Mark Durden Smith, were held on December 9. The event honours police officers across England and Wales, highlighting their acts of selflessness and valour and celebrating their achievements.

The regional award winners included:

Region 1: GMP - PC Simon Toft, PC Alicia Snowden
Region 2: West Yorkshire - Overall winners
Region 3: West Midlands - PC Matt Evans
Region 4: Northamptonshire - PS David Cayton
Region 5: TVP - PC James Packman, PS Iain Watkinson, PC Liam Steele, PC Liam King
Region 6: Dorset - PS Paul Linpower, PC Lee Mather
Region 7: Gwent - PC Mark Burbidge, PC Owain Smallwood
Region 8: Met 3 - PS Natalie Markham

Prime Minister Boris Johnson praised the ‘dedication and conscientiousness’ of the nominees.

He said: “It is this unflinching bravery, alongside your dedication and conscientiousness, that inspires my steadfast support for the police.

“I am bowled over by the nominees. You are a credit to your forces and your illustrious forebears in policing. I salute each and every one of you.”