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Wiltshire Police Federation

Chris Maundrell is standing to be Chair of Wiltshire Police Federation

17 November 2021

Chris Maundrell is standing to be Chair of Wiltshire Police Federation.

The Election runs from today (17 November) until the end of the month. Members should look on their work emails for details of how to place their vote.

Why do you want to be the Chair of Wiltshire Police Federation?

Some of my own personal experiences whilst in the organisation, have galvanised me to stand for this position. I will strive to ensure no other member has a similar experience, and ensure members are fully supported in perhaps a better way than I was some time ago. I will ensure all processes, involving my members, are dealt with in a manner which is a fair, open and honest.

Can you provide a swift summary of your career/experience?

My 24 year career has enabled me to have a strong and detailed understanding of how the Force operates. Posts I’ve held include front-line policing, specialist operations, various proactive squads, and intelligence posts working throughout the County. I have worked successfully alongside ACPO assisting in the tasking, briefing, and ultimately, resourcing for operational policing. This included the planning of large scale operations, involving the whole Force. I am Health & Safety Rep and will be CAPLO trained by the 11th of November 2021.

What qualities do you possess for the role of Chair?

I am comfortable to communicate in any arena, and am happy to speak and deliver to any size of audience. A recent degree in counselling and a level 5 qualification in Coaching has turned me into a very good listener and problem solver.

What is your manifesto for the next 3 years?

As Chair I will attempt to visit all Police hubs at least three times a year. Over the next three years, I would like to see the further development and successful progression of the welfare break cottages to help provide the appropriate support to members in need of recuperation in any manner as a result of their operational experiences. I also will ensure that the numerous undoubtable advantages of Federation membership are fully understood by the constant feed of recruits we are continuing to see come into my Force. Thus ensuring a strong membership base to continue with the good work in all areas of business within the Federation.

Where do you think Wiltshire Police Federation will be in 3 years time, if you are elected Chair?

I would like to see Wiltshire Federation in three years’ time in as strong a position if not stronger than it is now, to keep supporting its members and achieve some of the plans already in development for the benefit of its members.