The communities we serve and crimes we investigate are ever changing, so it is crucial we evolve as an organisation.

To that end, we have been reviewing and improving our community policing model.

The model, which was introduced five years ago, puts our communities at the heart of how we organise our resources.

We’ve now spent time talking to our officers, staff and volunteers to see what they think was working and what needed to be improved.

This, coupled with the imminent uplift in officer numbers, from both the national increase and those paid for by the 2019 precept increase, meant it was the perfect opportunity to improve our policing model, ensuring it is fit for the future.

We started to bring in the changes towards the end of last year and I am pleased to see that these changes are now are starting to embed with in the community.

The changes include the introduction of new policing team areas in Warminster and Royal Wootton Bassett. We have also amalgamated Swindon into one CPT area.

We have changed the names of our community policing teams to reflect the towns from which they parade and I hope this will make it easier for the public to know who their local CPT is and how they can get in touch.

The biggest improvement the public will see is the reintroduction of dedicated teams within CPT.

CPT Neighbourhood Teams will be made up of officers and PCSOs responsible for proactive policing, community engagement and working with the community and partners to solve problems. They sit within Community Policing working alongside dedicated CPT Response Teams who directly respond to crimes and incidents.

I am confident that we have the right structure and people in place, but I appreciate that it will not be an overnight change as our officers and staff and the community adjust to a new way of working.

We hope these changes will enhance our local policing offer, placing more emphasis on understanding our communities so we can better address local problems and keep our communities safe by preventing crime.

For more information, log on to and visit the Your area pages on the website.