The personal office of Wiltshire's police and crime commissioner Angus Macpherson costs taxpayers in Swindon and Wiltshire more than a third of a million pounds.

The salaries of the 10 members of staff in the office add up to £345,000 according to a response to a freedom of information request.

And, possibly surprisingly, the police and crime commissioner himself isn't the highest paid person in the room.

While Mr Macpherson is paid £75,000 for his full time role, and his deputy gets a more modest £19,000 for a two-day a week job, the deputy chief executive, at the rank of assistant chief officer is paid £83,853.

That's significantly more than the £58,764 paid to the actual chief executive, although that's for a three days a week role.

The final senior member of staff is the chief financial officer paid £52,842 for a half-time job.

There are five lower ranked staff earning between £35,000 and £14,00 also in the office