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Wiltshire Police Federation

Police officer pensions update

5 July 2019

Polfed News

In an open letter to our members, national chairman John Apter says:

On Tuesday we updated you that we were prepared to bring any appropriate legal claims on your behalf when it came to police pensions if our expectations were not met by the Government following the Supreme Court ruling on firefighters’ pensions

“Let me be absolutely clear: our position has always been that all officers should be on the pension scheme they signed up to, or better, and if there was any confusion over that I apologise, as that is the last thing I would want to do. Please be assured we have collectively got your backs and this will never change.

 “I know there is a need for information and clarity but until the government decides its next steps we cannot predict what they will do. The Government has said it will release a statement before Parliament’s summer recess begins on 25 July.  

“This is an absolute priority for us and on Tuesday and Wednesday next week Federations from across England and Wales will be discussing this as a team. Please be reassured that we remain committed to fighting for you, our members on this important issue.”