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Multi-faith chaplaincy team

What is the WMP Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Team
Multi-faith chaplaincy offers a service that is available to any individual or group regardless of faith, religious tradition or no faith at all.

It provides a team of people who are committed to working together to offer pastoral and spiritual care and support to those who work within the organisation and to their families. It is embedded within, but independent of, the organisational structures and this allows for confidentiality. Each NPU has a dedicated chaplain (or team of chaplains) spending time in their unit. In addition, there will be a team of advisers from different faiths to assist those who require support from a person of their own faith.

What does it do?
The chaplaincy team is committed to building up relationships within the organisation and to be alongside people in both the good and the not so good times. Their ministry is threefold; to be a presence that reminds us of our humanity; to be a pastor to assist people in times of need; to be a prophet in speaking out against real or potential injustice in the structures.

How do they do it?
Each chaplain will do that in their own way, depending upon their personality, circumstances and how long they can give to their NPU. The NPU chaplain may well be at awards evenings, or be seen out on patrol. They will certainly be available for support in times of crisis whether that is to an individual or to the management team. They will be a confidential listening ear and will accept all confidences without judgment.

Chaplaincy is never a vehicle for faith preaching. This is true regardless of the faith of the chaplain.

Who are they?
Khadija Sulaiman is the multi-faith lead chaplain and is responsible for the delivery of chaplaincy services across the Force.

There are also a number of NPU chaplains who are recognised within their own faith community, and who volunteer their time and efforts to support specific NPUs and departments.

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