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Four officers recovering after being sprayed in face

17 May 2024

The thoughts of West Midlands Police Federation are with four officers who are recovering after being sprayed with a mystery substance – thought to be ammonia.

Deputy chair Jase Dooley said the officers initially feared for their eyesight after being sprayed in the face with a liquid as he renewed the branch’s calls for all officers to carry Taser.

Jase said: “Our thoughts are with the officers. We’ve been in contact with them and are offering them all the support we can.

“They were worried about being blinded at the time.

“They didn’t know what the liquid was and were worried it might be an acid attack and panicking about their eyesight.

“It’s a frightening and traumatic experience.”

The officers were called to a block of flats in Tyburn in the early hours of Thursday (16 May) morning after a man had barricaded himself in a property. They arrived to find a small fire in the stairwell, which was put out by the officers.

They were then sprayed with the unknown liquid and were taken to hospital for treatment.


Deputy chair Jase Dooley has renewed the branch’s calls for all officers to carry Taser.


The officers have since been released from hospital and are currently off work while recovering.

Jase said: “The officers were just doing their daily work.

“They’ve got families to go home to at the end of the shift, partners, children. And it’s a huge worry for them as well, worried that their loved one has had a chemical thrown in their face.

“How do you protect officers in situations like this? How far do you go?

“For us, it reinforces that officers should have Taser training and be able to carry Taser if they want it.

“Time and time again we’re seeing officers attacked and assaulted and they deserve protection when doing their duty.

“In public order situations and football disorder, officers have clear glasses to wear, because drinks and liquids are thrown over them.

“They wear them for protection when in close proximity at public order situations.

“But you can’t look like Robocop. You still have to deal with normal people who want help from the police.”

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