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Sussex Police Federation

Federation highlights the challenges of policing lockdown 3 on BBC Radio Sussex

20 January 2021

Sussex Police Federation Chair Daren Egan spoke on BBC Radio Sussex highlighting the challenges officers are facing whilst policing lockdown 3. 

Daren said: “We’re all fed up with this lockdown, we all watch the news we can all see what’s going on in the NHS, we can see the admissions are up and we’ve all got to do our part.” 

Daren explained the demand for police enforcement is increasing due to members of the public breaking restrictions. 

He said: “People aren’t getting the message, the vast majority are but the ones that aren’t are putting themselves at risk and were having to go and deal with them.

“It’s a difficult position for the police, most of the people were dealing with are not criminals and we know that, but we are here to enforce the law and the Government are clear they want the police to increase the enforcement.

“Most of the time were doing the encouraging the explaining and enforcement is always the last options, but unfortunately that is going up at the moment.

“However, with that comes increased risk for officers…this is why officers need the vaccine.”

Daren explained that if were “asking officers of all ages to go in and out of people’s houses…then go home to their families” we need to get first responders onto the vaccine list. 


He said: “The sooner the first responders can get the vaccine the better.


“They are going out there 24/7 and being asked to do more enforcement and keep people safe, we owe it to them to put them on the vaccine list a little bit sooner”.