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Sussex Police Federation

#Covid19: A message from your Federation

2 April 2020

Dear Colleagues,

As you are well aware, we are currently in unprecedented and very difficult times. The COVID-19 virus has accelerated more quickly than anyone had ever envisaged and is likely to continue to do so for several more weeks, impacting on us all heavily as a nation. As Police Officers we have an extremely important role to play during this time and more is likely to be asked of you all over the coming weeks.

Over the coming weeks many of you will be asked to help enforce the governments message to the nation to ‘stay home’, whilst not being able to stay at home yourself with your loved ones. This is on top of your normal duties and the risk of coming into contact with those infected with the virus. This does not go unnoticed and we are well aware of the pressures and the serious concerns you will have, and you will face.

We are also aware that many of you are absent from work due to the virus, whether that be for self isolation – a family member with symptoms, self-isolation - showing symptoms yourself, or self isolation - because you are in a high-risk group.

What does concern us, is your wellbeing and the effect that the situation, both in work and at home, may be having on you and your family. I also understand that those with family and partners who do not work in the public sector may well be facing very uncertain times in terms of employment and finance. As a consequence of the varying issues you may face, we have made the decision to publish an information pack to offer advice from a number of wellbeing perspectives. The contacts and information contained within this document are not exhaustive, but we have chosen the literature and assistance available that is most suited to your possible situation. Please find the document here. 

We are constantly working with the force to ensure that you are afforded the best protections and that regulations are complied with. We currently have the full support of the government and the public and this shows your critical place in managing the situation we are in.

Please make contact with your local Federation Representative or any of the full-time Federation team if you have any questions or require any advice whatsoever. On behalf of Sussex Police Federation may I pass on our thanks for your continued efforts and professionalism in, what are, unbelievably difficult times. This truly is job like no other, and your personal sacrifices will be remembered by all who look to you to protect them. Please look after one another and stay safe.

Matt Webb, Federation Chairman and Simon Steele, Federation Secretary