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Gloucestershire Police Federation


For full details and current rates see Regulation 34 Annex U, or contact the JBB.


Motor Vehicle Allowances

Motor vehicle allowances for members using their own vehicles for duty are payable at “Essential User” or “Casual User” rates according to the member’s designation. Rates are adjusted annually. See PNB circulars for current rates.


Relevant Travelling Expenses

Members may be reimbursed relevant travelling expenses if required to perform the normal daily period of duty in more than one tour of duty, or recalled to duty between two tours of duty. Expenses shall be reimbursed to extent that they do not exceed such reasonable limit as the Chief Officer may fix.


Mileage Claims

When calculating any allowance, it was common practice for Police Forces to deduct the commuting distance between home and work from the total mileage claimed for work related duties. As of 1 June 2020, this method of calculation will cease and there will be no deduction for commuting distance, save where the journey is substantially the same as the daily commute and the distance travelled is less than ten miles longer in any one direction.


For a Temporary Posting, the member is eligible to claim for a period of 3 months from the date of posting.


Dog Handlers’ Allowances

A dog handler’s allowance – designed to compensate for caring for a dog on rest days and public holidays – is payable where a police dog is kept and cared for at the member’s home.

A further 25 per cent of the allowance is paid for each additional police dog kept at home.

The annual rate of this allowance is, with effect from 1 September 2020, £2,400 (Annex U: (amendment) Regulation 34, Police Regulations 2003)


Bonus Payments

Bonus payments, of between £50 and £2000, are payable where the Chief Officer judges a piece of work by a member to be of an outstandingly demanding, unpleasant or important nature.

Teams can now be subject to a bonus between £50 and £100 if the same criteria as the individual bonus is reached.