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Gloucestershire Police Federation

Local Fed Structure



Branch Board

The Branch Board will set the local priorities for Gloucestershire Police Federation and is made up of the following individuals (F/T denotes Full Time Role);


  • Chair - Steve James (F/T)
  • Secretary - Ian White (F/T)
  • Treasurer & Conduct Lead (CAPLO) - Tom Ford (F/T)
  • Vice Chair - PS Fraser Mackie
  • Deputy Treasurer - PC Tom Parsley
  • Deputy Conduct Lead - PC Tania Kirby
  • Equality Lead - Insp Hayley Howes
  • Deputy Equality Lead - PS Adam Williams
  • Health & Safety Lead - PS Fraser Mackie
  • Deputy Health & Safety Lead - Insp Stephen Norris
  • Professional Development Lead - PC Tania Kirby
  • Deputy Professional Development Lead - TDI Andy Houghton


Branch Council

The Gloucestershire Police Federation Board is supported by the 'Branch Council' which  are elected by ballot from constituencies agreed with the Chief Officer and elections take place triennially. The above members form part of the Board and Council, however the following Officers are solely part of the Council;

  • DC Neil MacDonald
  • PC Mel Earnshaw
  • PC Paul Wilkins


Departmental Leads

There are also departmental leads for points of contact and who will contribute to National events as follows;

  • Detective Leads - TDI Andy Houghton / DC Neil MacDonald
  • Custody Leads - Insp Stephen Norris / PS Fraser Mackie
  • Road Policing Leads - PS Tom Parsley / Insp Hayley Howes