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Devon & Cornwall Police Federation

Peelers Charity

Please find the Peelers Charity Application form here

The Peelers Charity was set up by D&C Pol Fed in September 2018 but is an independent charity (Registered charity number 1179980).  

The Peelers aims to relieve the need, hardship or distress of victims, witnesses and other persons adversely affected by actions or behaviour which the police are required to investigate, and do investigate, in the Devon and Cornwall area.  We do this by funding the provision of small “acts of kindness” from Police & Police Staff to those who have been impacted negatively.

Where do you come in?

 We accept applications for assistance from Police Officers or members of Police staff, enabling you to provide further help within the communities you serve. If the application is accepted, the item will be hand delivered by you, serving as a much-needed morale boost for all involved!

The “acts of kindness” vary depending on the type of crime and extent to which there is consequent hardship to those affected.  Examples of small acts of kindness that could be provided include:

  • Food hampers
  • Bouquets of flowers
  • Restaurant vouchers
  • Toys

Recipient feedback

“I’m overwhelmed.  It is such a dark time for me but nice to know there are people who are kind and helpful.  This has given me hope, I am so very grateful.”  (Victim of DA) 

"Dear Devon & Cornwall Peelers

It is 3 weeks ago since my mother and I were presented with an amazing hamper and beautiful bouquet of flowers in recognition of being victims of a crime. Thank you for making it possible for us to be recipients of this thoughtful gift, which was such a surprise and much appreciated.  It gave us a much-needed sense of validation and left us feeling cared for beyond our small circle of family and friends.

Thank you again to your amazing charity and to Officer Alex."

Officer feedback

“It has been a boost to my personal morale and a real ‘pick me upper’ for, not only the victim, but for me too.”

“This is the best thing that’s happened since I started this job; it has absolutely made my day!”

“I am so grateful to your charity.  Although the offender has been brought to justice, the short jail term is not enough to make me, the OIC, feel that the victims have been prioritised in this process.  The gift from the Peelers has enabled me to provide a token of kindness to the victims of a violent street robbery.”

“I have never applied to a charity before to ask for assistance. But I felt like I had to try and help in some way after hearing what had happened to those 2 young children.  I am certain the gifts have relieved some pressure on the parents as they have no money to spend on presents this year.  The family are clearly struggling to cope with their situation, and I know Devon and Cornwall Peelers have made a huge difference to them all through this act of kindness.  I am so glad I completed the application form and can’t thank you enough for supporting it.”

"The gifts from The Peelers provided some much-needed instant joy to a little girl who has been very sad for some time. I know the cuddly dog has already become a fixture beside her side wherever she goes. Thank you, Peelers, for what you do, it makes a big difference."



June 2024