90 days from today is Sat, 19 October 2024

Devon & Cornwall Police Federation

Group Insurance

George Burrows


Devon and Cornwall Police Federation are pleased to be working with 'George Burrows'  to provide a really competitive insurance bundle for Officers who are also members of the Federation.  We are able to do this because acting as a collective we are able to exercise some real buying power. Just by way of example the RAC cover provided within this policy would cost well over £200 if bought alone!

A really important issue for officers is that your Police Federation Legal Cover is for events occurring ON DUTY (or travelling to/from police duty) and are IN RELATION TO THE PERFORMANCE OF YOUR DUTY.  So this means, for example, allegations of unlawfully accessing police data or allegations arising from social media groups are not covered by your Police Federation subscription (although you still get Federation Rep support).  Importantly a particular feature of the package is ensuring that the solicitors used to deliver the Legal Support fully understand both Police Regulations and the Conduct Regulations.


Of course we are also able to offer similar packages to our Police Staff and Special Constabulary colleagues.


If so please don't forget to update your beneficiary form if your circumstances change!  Print off the form which is available under the GI pages for Officer and Police Staff and send it to our office.