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Devon & Cornwall Police Federation

Flint House

Flint House application form

Want to join Flint House - please see the above link, you will find the application form and more information with regards to the centre.


Flint House is a charity, entirely funded by donations from those in the police service and their families. It is with these generous donations that we help and heal more than 3,000 serving and retired police officers each year, providing physical rehabilitation as well as mental health support.

Applying for treatment is simple.

As soon as you sign-up and your first donation has been processed you can apply for physical rehabilitation or mental health support. Please note we are only able to provide one of these services during your visit, we cannot treat both physical and mental health during the same visit.

Remember you can attend Flint House multiple times provided there is a clinical need, but you will need to apply separately for each visit and will be clinically assessed for each course of treatment.

Individual programmes.

It is our aim to get you in the best possible shape, by providing world-class treatment based around intensive physiotherapy, exercise classes and a gym programme all tailored to your individual needs. You’ll be given an initial clinical assessment, followed by an agreed treatment plan that typically includes physiotherapy, rehabilitation exercise classes, education and a gym programme. We also offer additional treatments, such as hydrotherapy and one-to-one rehab sessions.

We listened…

And we know not everyone can attend for a 2-week residential programme. So we offer shorter stays, outpatient services and virtual programmes, all based around your individual needs.

It’s OK to ask for help.

Flint House offers a caring, safe and compassionate environment in which to learn about common mental health conditions including stress, anxiety and depression. We recognise that police officers hear and see things that others can turn away from and that this continued exposure can increase the risk of a mental health decline. Often police officers prioritise the needs of others and do not always have the time and space to look after their own needs. The earlier you can seek help, the better.

For more information and access to their website please click here.