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Devon & Cornwall Police Federation

Statement from Devon and Cornwall Police Federation at conclusion of inquest into the death of Thomas Orchard

22 December 2023

“Whilst our thoughts are with the family and friends of Thomas Orchard, we should not lose sight of others involved in this case. 

“The Police Federation has supported a number of individual members who have been through a Criminal, Internal Misconduct and now Coroners process, which have all taken their various tolls on health and wellbeing over the 11 years that have passed since these tragic events. 

“Police officers have no issue with being held accountable for their actions – we are the most accountable of public services. But this oversight should be timely… and not take more than a decade. 

“Our colleagues come to work every day to make a difference, protect the public and deal with matters and incidents that require a direct policing response as they occur. These are dealt with at face value with split second decisions needing to be made… and officers and staff strive to deal with everything in the most appropriate and proportionate way. 

These actions can then be poured over in minute detail for many, many years – as in this case. 

“The understanding of mental health and wellbeing and associated training have moved forward considerably in the last decade in an area that is far more complex and challenging now than it has ever been.   

“We ask that our colleagues are now left to carry on their careers.”