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Devon & Cornwall Police Federation

Praise for Peelers Charity

16 April 2024

Beneficiaries have heaped praise on a Devon & Cornwall charity for its acts of kindness that left them feeling “over the moon”.

Police officers have been able to recommend people who would benefit from a small gift - thanks to the work of Peelers.

The independent charity - backed by Devon & Cornwall Police Federation - aims to relieve the need, hardship or distress of victims, witnesses and other persons adversely affected by actions or behaviour which the police are required to investigate, and do investigate, in the Devon and Cornwall area. 

They do this by funding the provision of small “acts of kindness” from Police & Police Staff to those who have been impacted negatively. Gifts are wide-ranging from hampers to toys and are appropriate to each gift recipient.

You can see more about its work on its new Facebook page here www.facebook.com/DCPeelersCharitableTrustPage

Peelers considers applications for assistance made by police officers and staff.

If the bid is accepted, the gift is hand-delivered by the applicant who helps to make the recipient’s day.

A person who suffered at the hands of a domestic abuser said they were “overwhelmed” to receive a gift.

“It is such a dark time for me but it is nice to know there are people who are kind and helpful. This has given me hope, I am so very grateful,” they said.

PCs Jonny Stewart and Matt Cummins, who were based at Falmouth Police Station, had the pleasure of delivering a restaurant voucher to a Good Samaritan who helped rescue a missing person.

The helper said they were “over the moon” to receive the unexpected gift.

Another recipient who, along with her mother, had been a victim of crime, said the hamper and flowers they received gave them a “much-needed sense of validation”.

“[It] left us feeling cared for beyond our small circle of family and friends,” they added.

But the kind-hearted initiative has not just benefited the members of the public – police officers have also been left cheered by the work of Peelers.

“It has been a boost to my personal morale and a real pick me up for not only the victim but for me too,” one said.

Another added: “Although the offender has been brought to justice, the short jail term is not enough to make me - the officer in command - feel that the victims have been prioritised in this process.

“The gift from the Peelers has enabled me to provide a token of kindness to the vulnerable victims of a violent street robbery.”