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Devon & Cornwall Police Federation

Introducing the new Chair of Devon and Cornwall Police Federation: Nick Jones

16 November 2023

Nick said: "I am humbled to have been elected to the position of Branch Chairman, and grateful for the support I have received from many of you over the last few weeks, having declared my intentions.

"We have a number of significant challenges both at Local and National level and I believe a strong Chair to lead and deliver to the Board and wider Council going forward is pivotal to ensuring member support and representation remains at the forefront of our working ethos.

"I have been a main-time representative and member of the Branch Board for many years which has allowed me to build an enormous amount of knowledge and understanding around Federation roles and responsibilities, team dynamics and what makes the Federation tick. 

"I believe this knowledge and experience provides me the skill sets to Represent Influence and Negotiate not only as I have been doing at local BCU level, but on a Force Executive and National level.

"Having worked with several of the current Force executive, I relish the opportunity to join that team, continuing to partake, observe and be the critical friend and conscience of the organisation, ensuring Regulations, Policies & Processes are adhered to, with the ability to robustly challenge and hold to account where necessary. 

"As your Chairman, my desire is to continue to support the incredibly knowledgeable team of Main Time Reps and Board members, building the Council and nurturing talent and opportunities for those who will one day take on Board and Executive positions, leading the Federation into the future."