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Devon & Cornwall Police Federation

Important Update For All Members of the Police Federation Group Insurance Scheme

22 March 2022

Important Update For All Members of the Police Federation Group Insurance Scheme


There are some important changes to our Group Insurance scheme which all of our 5800 members need to know.  Importantly there are some positive changes to the cover provided which are described below but unfortunately despite being able to either maintain or reduce the subscription over the last three years we now, unavoidably, have to increase our prices.

Whilst we all want a straightforward life with no drama or sorrow there are times when we all hit bumps in the road, some small and some massive and on these occasions it’s nice to know that the Group Insurance Scheme will support you as it has done for many members over the years.  In the last three years the scheme has paid out:

  • £ 1.2 million in life assurance
  • £ 393k in critical illness payments
  • £ 16k in personal accident claims
  • £ 81k in sickness pay support
  • £ 197k in Travel insurance claims
  • £ 313k in legal expenses
  • Plus hundreds of gadget claims and RAC callouts

The premium changes from 1st April 2022 are as follows:

These calendar monthly premiums quoted include insurance premium tax (IPT) at the current rate where applicable and the Federation administration fees.  Note also that there is a difference in cover between the scheme and consequently the differential in premium.


Whilst we are disappointed to have to increase the premiums we are pleased that there have been some enhancement which are summarised as follows:

Life Assurance -          Serving officer cover increases to                   £125,000

                                    Partner of serving officer increases to            £  62,500

Critical illness to now also include: Dementia/Pre-Senile Dementia (resulting in permanent symptoms), Loss of hand or foot, Primary Pulmonary Hypertension, Respiratory Failure, Rheumatoid Arthritis (before age 65), Traumatic head injury.

RAC Cover – now will not charge for dealing with a mis-fuelling event in the UK.

Travel Now includes enhanced COVID-19 cover to include medical expenses (provided destination is supported by FCDO) and cancellation as a direct result of the following:

  • an Insured Person who was due to undertake such Insured Journey receiving a positive diagnosis of COVID-19 that necessitates such cancellation as a direct result of: (a) such Insured Person being legally required to undertake compulsory quarantine or self-isolation following such positive diagnosis; or (b) the continued suffering by such Insured Person of symptoms of COVID-19 that results in a Qualified Medical Practitioner confirming that such cancellation is medically necessary;
  • a Close Relative with whom You reside receiving a positive diagnosis of COVID-19 which directly results in an official instruction to You to undertake compulsory quarantine or self-isolation and necessitating such cancellation.


Cohabiting Couple Discount where cohabiting officers both subscribe to the scheme in their own right, there will be an annual facility for one of the members to claim back the equivalent of £3.24 per month for each month that they both subscribe.

Police Employees Scheme There is a more fundamental change to this scheme and each existing scheme member will be contacted because the scheme is moving from it’s original provider to become part of our own Group Insurance scheme.


Finally there will be further specific communications to all members regarding the changes including any changes is telephone numbers for the travel claimline but most importantly you do not have to do anything in order to continue with the excellent cover provided.