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Devon & Cornwall Police Federation

Federation providing Devon and Cornwall police officers with tasty treats as a thank you for their hard work

27 April 2021

Hungry officers from across Devon and Cornwall are receiving tasty treats from the Police Federation to sustain them on the Job.

Packs of Pot Noodles – which have been donated to the Federation - are being distributed across the 3,965 square mile force area as a token of gratitude to officers who have been working hard over the pandemic.

Andy Berry, Federation Chair, said: “It’s just a little treat to say ‘thank you’ and ‘well done’ to all the officers . Officers are incredibly busy and of course they deserve a break and a snack during their shift.”

Around 7,000 Pot Noodles are now landing in police stations.

Andy paid tribute to the Federation Representatives who have been dropping the snacks off; Mark Atkins has been delivering Pot Noodles to stations across Cornwall; Sam Samuel has taken on Plymouth, Nick Jones has been delivering in South Devon and Suzie Vranch in North Devon.

He added: “In some respects, being a member of the Federation is a bit like an insurance policy, in that we are there to look after you when things go wrong. But we felt it was important that we are there to do extra bits and pieces for our members in the good times as well. The only contact with a Federation Rep doesn’t only have to be when you’ve got a problem.”

It’s not the first time officers have received treats from the Federation; last year they were given hundreds of Easter eggs, thanks to a donation from Cadburys.