90 days from today is Sun, 15 September 2024

Surrey Police Federation

Winter Wellbeing


Later this month the clocks will go back, our jumpers will be on, and it won’t be long
before our hats and gloves will be making an appearance. Winter is nearly here.

For many, this season is associated with happy things like crisp weather, warm beverages, Halloween, fireworks
& Christmas. But for others, the weather change and the shorter days signal a downturn in mood and energy that
leaves them feeling sad, lethargic, and fatigued. Also, the worry and stress of how to afford Christmas is a concern.
Its therefore important to prepare for the winter now, hopefully this guide will give you some help with looking after
your physical & mental health, your financial wellbeing, preparing your car and home for the cold weather and
planning for Christmas.

Click here for information to help you prepare for the winter.