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Surrey Police Federation


Wellbeing is something that is spoken about lot these days, but what really counts is action rather than just words.

Wellbeing of officers and staff is a Force responsibility, but the Federation can also be involved too. Nationally, the Federation can refer officers to the welfare support programme provided by the Defence Medical Welfare Services. We can now refer any officer that is in need rather than one having to be under investigation or similar.

We all know it is really important to try and take meal breaks or screen breaks during working day, but not everyone does this or feels they are able to. Supervisors should be considering this for all of their team, as well as leading by example. Even if you manage to take a short break, this is better than no break.

For those of you that wear stab vests during your shift, you should try and remove this when you are sat in the police station at the computer. It will relieve stress and pressure on your back and neck. Flint house, the rehabilitation centre for our region have some physio videos on their website www.flinthouse.co.uk is their website…please take a look if you’re interested.

Surrey Federation work with a number of police friendly organisations, including Police Mutual, No1 Copperpot, Serve & Protect (Police Credit union) and Met Friendly. We use these organisations to help officers with financial wellbeing, health and wellbeing and general support and advice.

Surrey Federation also own a holiday home at Shorefields holiday park in Milford-On-Sea, Hampshire. It is available for a Welfare breaks. If you know of someone that would benefit from a welfare break there please contact one of your local reps or the main Federation office.

Find out more at: www.shorefield.co.uk/