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Surrey Police officers reigned victorious in The Row The Channel Challenge

13 November 2023

Surrey Police officers reigned victorious in The Row The Channel Challenge, beating six other Police Federations in a close-run race.

The officers completed 23 miles – the equivalent of Dover to Calais – on rowing machines in just two hours and 30 minutes, helping to raise much-needed funds for Flint House.

Surrey Police Federation Chair Darren Pemble said that their counterparts from Sussex Police Federation had challenged them to the race and he was thrilled to beat them, saying: “The Flint House Row the Channel Challenge was a great win. Sussex Federation laid down the gauntlet, and a bit of competition is always fun – even better when you win!”

He continued: “The challenge went really well as I had some very good people who volunteered  to row. I must thank PC Neil Ware, PCSO Chris Wright, PS Nathan Neville, police staff Carla Gasson and T/Supt Dan Gutierrez. They all really stepped up, as I was worried that it would only be me for the whole 23 miles!”

Darren visited Flint House in August and said he was really impressed with the facilities it provided for officers. He said: “It’s good to raise awareness of all the great work Flint House does for physical and mental ill health. Flint House’s facilities are amazing and it provides much-needed rehabilitation services for officers.

“People’s kind donations help Flint House to provide and maintain such excellent services for police officers in the south.”

It’s not too late to support the Row The Channel Challenge and donate here: