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Police Family Finance Index Survey

13 December 2023

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The cost-of-living crisis and its impact on Police Family finances

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Our most recent report on Police Family Finances showed that many Police Families are under significant financial pressure.

The results of this survey provide detailed insights into the financial pressures and circumstances faced by the UK Police Family and are valuable to many Police Forces and policymakers across the UK.  

Key highlights from our previous report were:

  • the cost of living is hitting Police pockets hard, with the vast majority (86%) saying they have financial concerns and 27% missing meals due to lack of money.
  • the survey finds that on all indicators around financial wellbeing, the Police Family is in a worse position than they were six months ago.

Family Wellbeing has been severely impacted across the UK Police Family by the cost-of-living crisis. The last national report was used in 2023 PRRB submissions and cited by the final PRRB report as being one of the pieces of evidence when securing the recommended level of national pay rise. 

This research will help all involved gain a better understanding of the current situation and help us to improve levels of financial wellbeing through our work within the community.

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