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PFEW pension decision review – have your say

29 July 2023


PFEW as you will be aware have decided NOT to appeal the pension discrimination claim judgement, as promised, PFEW are going to undertake a review of the decisions made in relation to not fund the pension discrimination claim, what information was available, who made those decisions, when, how, etc. etc.


The review will be undertaken by an independent body who do not have affiliation to PFEW at present or indeed have not worked with PFEW before.


The Review will look at a number of questions that need answering as part of the review, this will form a basis for the scope of the review.


Looking back review – A thorough investigation of the Pension Discrimination Claim Related Litigation.


  1. When were the changes to the police pensions made/ announced?
  2. What was the negotiating/ consulting framework at that time? Any evidence of PFEW responses/ challenges to the changes to police pensions?
  3. When and now did PFEW decide not to fund the pension challenge?
  4. What was PFEW’s interaction with the claimants?
  5. What was the internal governance at that time?
  6. Who were the key internal stakeholders and what role did they play?
  7. What information was available at different stages and who was the information made available to?
  8. What meeting minutes are in place to evidence any discussions/ decisions made?
  9. What was the interaction/ engagement with FBU/ other representative bodies?
  10. What was the instruction of PFEW’s lawyers/ counsel?
  11. Bridging narrative from reasonable chance of winning to poor judgement against PFEW
  12. How much have we spent on the litigation to date?


Action – Please review the list of questions above and if you feel there is anything specific that you would like raised please can you feedback to your Surrey Federation, before end of day, Monday, 31 July.


If you have any questions/ queries please forward to our Admin email.