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PC Harry Clark wins Federation Representative Award

1 December 2023

A young-in-service officer who has thrown himself into helping colleagues who are facing personal or professional difficulties has won the Federation Representative Award at the inaugural Surrey Police Federation Recognition Awards.

PC Harry Clark joined Surrey Police in May 2019 and became a Federation Rep two and a half years ago. Since then, he has spent countless hours of his own time learning about Police Regulations and now helps and advises other officers, including those from other forces. He is considered an invaluable member of his team and aims to give his colleagues the confidence to stand up for their rights.

PC Clark said: “Policing was always something I’ve been really interested in. At school I studied public services and law. Going into something that’s different every day and being able to make a positive change to people’s lives is really rewarding.

“A couple of years into the Job, I put myself forward to be a Federation Rep. I thought: ‘I could do that. That’s a bit of me’. I quite like a debate and a well-reasoned argument.

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being a Rep. You get to see a different side to policing and help officers who are going through difficult situations – trying to empower them to get what they’re entitled to and make representations on their behalf to secure the best working conditions.

“It’s also about educating myself to help officers if they’re faced with a sickness matter, an equality matter or a misconduct matter. I’m more than happy to go away and do the courses and educate myself so the officers don’t have to think about where they stand, when they’re already going through a stressful situation. It’s being able to provide that peer-level support to people within the police family.”

PC Clark said there was “a whole list of reasons” why officers should join the Federation. He said: “The main reason is the safety net. If officers are subject to allegations, some of which can be malicious, it’s an incredibly stressful time for them, and to be able to have legal support and representation is huge.

“But the Federation is also about having someone you can go to get answers. We try to make the workplace and conditions better and give officers a voice.”

He continued: “I was really quite surprised to get this Award, because I see all of the work that the other Reps and the executives are doing, and there’s so many people who absolutely deserve to have won.”

Surrey Police Federation Chair Darren Pemble said: “Harry is extremely knowledgeable in all things Federation and shares his wisdom with officers and for their benefit. He is always on hand to provide advice and insight into any concerns or issues with other officers and is happy to help.

“Harry is an invaluable member of the Surrey Police Federation team – everyone has benefited from Harry's knowledge, advice and wisdom.”

PC Clark will attend the Surrey Police Federation Recognition Awards on Thursday 7 December.

The lead sponsor for the Awards is Metfriendly.

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