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Dedicated Detective wins Operations & Specialist Command Award

5 December 2023

A Detective who has dedicated his career to bringing offenders to justice and supporting victims’ families has won the Operations & Specialist Command Award at the inaugural Surrey Police Federation Recognition Awards. 

DC Rick Edwards works on the Serious Collision Investigation Unit (SCIU) and is nearing the end of a 30-year career spent mostly investigating homicides and road deaths within both Surrey Police and the Metropolitan Police.  

Notable investigations within Surrey SCIU include Operation Goldcrest, where DC Edwards helped put a hit-and-run drink-driver behind bars. In Operation Noel, another hit-and-run offender was imprisoned after a collision where a woman in her 20s lost a leg. And DC Edwards’ work on Operation Fulford, an investigation into a stolen car which collided with another driver who nearly died, contributed to the offender being prosecuted for offences within Surrey and London.  

DC Edwards said his role was “very rewarding”.  

He said: “Going into court, having that liaison with the families, and getting justice for people at the end of an investigation is very rewarding. You’re dealing with families at the worst moment in their lives and to support them and get that result for them, it doesn’t bring their loved one back, but it can help the grieving process.  

“You work as a team on SCIU, but you also very much work individually on each investigation, which is a little different to the background that I came from, from the murder team. But it is a collaborative thing. We work very closely with our Roads Policing Unit, and also with forensic collision investigators.” 

DC Edwards said he was proud to receive the Surrey Police Federation Award, but that everything he worked on was “a team effort”.  

DC Edwards said he has also faced challenges with PTSD following his many years spent investigating homicides and road death. He has helped normalise this by openly talking with people about his experience. 

He said: “You don’t realise the effects that some of the jobs have on you. A lot of the officers I know don’t talk enough – they need to have an open relationship with their mental health. Having therapy doesn’t solve everything, but it definitely opens up your emotions again, whereas you can close them down in this job.”  

Surrey Police Federation Chair Darren Pemble said: “Rick regularly uses all of his experience to not only help the victims of the crimes he investigates, but also other members of the team. His dedication to locking up people who cause some of the most serious harm is incredible.  

“It is also a testament to his character that Rick has received treatment for PTSD and has looked to help others who may also be suffering. He is a very worthy winner.”  

DC Edwards will attend the Surrey Police Federation Recognition Awards on Thursday 7 December. 

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