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Surrey Police Federation

Police Mutual: Supporting your mental health during the pandemic

15 May 2020

At Police Mutual, we are aware that the coronavirus outbreak is continuing to have an impact on everyone’s lives. 

Next week is Mental Health Awareness week, and to to help individual’s during this period we have developed 3 guides to help support your mental health in this challenging time. 

How we think, feel and behave during this time will vary from person to person and it is perfectly normal to feel a mix of frustration, loneliness, worry or anxiety or be concerned about your health or that of those close to you during these uncertain times. Everyone reacts differently to events.   

The guides are aimed at:

  • Looking after your own mental health
  • Supporting others
  • Helping children to cope

You can find links to all of these articles below: 

Looking after you own mental health: https://www.policemutual.co.uk/assets/activity/coronavirus/looking-after-your-own-mental-health/

Supporting others: https://www.policemutual.co.uk/assets/activity/coronavirus/mental-health-supporting-others/

Supporting children: https://www.policemutual.co.uk/assets/activity/coronavirus/mental-health-supporting-children/