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Surrey Police Federation

An update from Flint House Police Rehabilitation Centre regarding Covid-19

8 June 2020

The Police Rehabilitation Centre (Flint House) – Support to Policing

Having advised you on 15 April that the Centre was closed, we are writing to update you all on what Flint House is doing regarding the ongoing Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation.

The Centre has been diligently following the Government directives and has implemented the guidelines to become Covid-19 Secure. This has allowed staff numbers to increase and actively prepare for when we can receive patients on-site.

This has enabled the Clinical Teams to offer 1-2-1 remote consultations and there has been a good response. In addition to aid rehabilitation we are continuing to provide on-line videos and information via the Flint House website, and You Tube channel. We recognise that this is an interim measure as there is no direct substitute for the holistic care that we provide by having patients in residence.

Our medical staff who assisted the NHS with the Coronavirus crisis are now back with us and have returned with valuable knowledge and experience which we can utilise. We are also liaising closely with the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre (Stanford Hall) who have introduced a post Covid-19 rehabilitation programme, and we are examining options for a similar scheme at Flint House should it be required.


We look forward to welcoming patients back when is safe to do so and to carry on looking after ill and injured police officers as we have done since 1890, we will continue to keep you informed as we progress towards this goal.