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North Yorkshire Police Federation


Half Hour Reductions
Under the Police Reform Act the first half hour of CASUAL OVERTIME should be disregarded on the first four occasions in a weekly period. This now applies whether the overtime is submitted for payment or time off in lieu.

This topic has been regularly reviewed by the Federation nationally and it’s lawyers. It is not a breach of our Human rights under European or UK law, nor is it considered to be slavery.

Overtime Working Into a Rest Day

If an officer works overtime from nights into his/her RD of 1hr or less then they are entitled to the time worked at double time. If they work 1hr 15mins or more they are entitled to 4hrs at double time. If this is preplanned and sufficient notice of Rd working is given then it is time and a half.

Rest Day Working

A member of a police force of the rank of constable or sergeant shall, if required to do duty on a day, which is a rostered rest day, be granted:

Where he/she receives less than 15 days notice of the requirement, payment or time off (officers choice) at the rate of time and a half.

Please note when working out the day's notice you do not count the day you were asked or the day you are to work.

What Do I Claim?

The decision on whether to submit your overtime for time off or payment is your own. This cannot be dictated to you.

Overtime rates are:

Casual overtime; - Time and a third
RD working less than 15:- Time and a half.

If you were told at the beginning of your shift/briefing or shortly after, (within 30 minutes) that you are required to work on after your shift is due to finish then that is PRE PLANNED overtime and the 30 minute deduction does not apply.


Notification of Cancelled Rest Day

If your rest day is cancelled with less than 15 days notice you are entitled to compensation at time and a half.
(Changed under the Police Reform Act)

The 15 days notice must be clear days and does not include the day you are informed or the day in question.


Time Off In Lieu

The local Federation has an agreement with the Force that officers may keep a bank of time off for use, in accordance with agreed policies on local abstractions.

The agreement allows for a maximum of 40 hours time off and 5 Rest days in lieu to be held for use in respect of Constables and Sergeants.

If you already have 40 hours or more in the bank then any overtime submitted for time off will be paid until the balance drops below 40, when you may increase your balance.

Any hours or days kept in the bank are outside the protection of Police regulations, and if a RDI/L from the bank is cancelled for an operational need then it is returned to the bank and you may not receive any enhancement.

Should you want your Rd to be protected under Police regulations then insist that they are reallocated to a new date within 4 days of the notification of the cancellation.