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North Yorkshire Police Federation

Access to Information

The Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) is funded in part by police officers who pay subscriptions from their wages. It is not a public body and not funded by the public and is the only staff association to be subject to Freedom of Information (FoI), which came into effect for the PFEW in April 2017. Much of the information you may ask for may already be on this website, so please take the time to search for what you need first.

How to ask for information

There are several laws which allow you to ask us for information. Simply contact us giving us:

  • A clear description of what information you are looking for
  • A contact name
  • An address for correspondence (which can be an email address).

We will have a better chance of finding the information you want if you include as much detail as possible and be specific.

Full details of our policies and how to apply for information,can be viewed on the Police Federation of England & Wales website.