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Lancashire Police Federation

Lancashire Police Federation PSA tests to help detect cancer

24 April 2024


Lancashire Federation is proud to have been actively involved in supporting Prostate Cancer Awareness Month by recently funding over 200 private PSA blood tests from 15th – 17th April. The initiative was first trialled at a National Federation Council Meeting in London and we thought that if they can do it then locally so can we. Each test cost £30 and although Prostate Cancer is one of the leading causes in cancer deaths, they are not routinely offered on the NHS therefore, offering free PSA tests to our members gave us an opportunity to highlight this silent disease and potentially save lives.

Prostate Cancer can develop when cells in the prostate start to grow in an uncontrolled way and 1 in 8 Men in the UK will be diagnosed in their lifetime. Most men with Prostate Cancer don’t have any symptoms and this simple blood test can detect prostate specific-antigen levels which can detect the cancer early.

The logistics of arranging the testing was simple and involved just two phlebotomists coming out to the Constabulary to take blood samples and the individual results were available 24 hours later. We also decided to hold the PSA testing in all 4 BCU’s – giving our members a choice in where they took a test.

Zeg Awan Chair Lancashire Police Federation 

'As anyone knows men are notoriously hesitant to look after their health and raise concerns. By providing this service we have given them the opportunity, at work, to have the tests and receive the results in one easy process. Although disappointing that some of our members have tested in the red and amber by taking part in this initiative it has highlighted the silent nature of this cancer and the value of having these tests. We wish those who will require further medical investigation well as they begin treatment and investigation.  I am proud of the service we have been able to provide to our members and would like to thank Sharon Wilson our Services Manager, Clare Wall and Ian Lester for arranging and managing the process. My thanks also to those behind the scenes in the Federation and in our BCU’s who made it happened. ' 



Following this simple blood test Members were told they would be sent a traffic light result of Green, Amber or Red

and advice on what each colour meant then what action to take.


The results speak for themselves, and we are hopeful to carry out similar testing again in 12 months’ time. If however you missed out on a test home tests are available for £30 from the mypsa organisation.

Please contact.

01926 419959