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Lancashire Police Federation

Injury on duty


It is a fact that police duty can give rise to incidents in which officers sustain injury through no fault of their own. Such incidents can occur in many different ways, whether on police premises, through assaults, defective roads or pavements, as a result of faulty police equipment or through the negligence of other officers.
Please remember that by virtue of Regulation 6, Police (Injury Benefit) Regulations 2006 injury received in the execution of duty by a member of a police force means an injury received in the execution of that person's duty while on duty or while on a journey necessary to enable him to report for duty or return home after duty.


  • Ensure an AR1 form is completed by your line manager
  • The Federation will be sent your AR1 once completed and we will contact you to offer you advice and support.
  • We may advise that you complete the industrial injuries disablement benefit form BI100A


In some cases, you may be able to claim for criminal injuries via Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme CICA

Criminal injuries mean one or more injuries directly attributable to: -

A crime of violence or the apprehension or attempted apprehension of an offender or suspected offender, the prevention or attempted prevention of an offence, or the giving of help to any police officer who is engaged in any such activity and in so doing involves an exceptional risk. There is no specific definition for an 'exceptional risk' however the level of risk applied by the Authority is substantially higher for police officers than it is for general members of the public.


  • If advised complete the CICA application form

There are other support organisations that can assist you following incidents and accidents at work. Our team in the office or your local rep will be able to advise you so please don't hesitate to contact us