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Lancashire Police Federation

Know your rights Injury Award


‘Where an officer ceases to be a member of a police force, and is permanently disabled as a result of an injury received, that is not the officer's own fault, and the injury was sustained in the execution of his duty, the officer shall be entitled to a gratuity, and in addition to an injury pension.

Put simply, when an officer retires at 30 or 35 years service, or on short service, or on grounds of age or through ill health, the officer can apply for an injury award, which is paid in addition to the officer's police pension. You do not have to be retired on ill health grounds to get an injury pension.

The amount of the award depends upon the extent of the disablement and on the now retired officer's ability to work.

There are four bandings to the award and the minimum income guarantee depends on the level of disablement and your length of service.

Injury Award Pensions can be complex with issues of degeneration or acceleration of existing conditions being critical in the process.

The procedures to get the award are broadly similar to those in the H1 process discussed in 'Know Your Rights #9 - Ill Health Police Pensions'.

The registering of injuries for Industrial Injury purposes as per Know Your Rights #5, and the internal recording of on duty injuries via AR1, can be crucial in the process.

If you think you have been permanently disabled because of an injury received in the execution of your duty, please contact your Fed rep for advice.’