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Gwent Police Federation

Pensions Challenge Employment Tribunal Judgment

9 June 2023


The Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) has responded to the Pensions Challenge Employment Tribunal judgment announced on Wednesday (7 June).

The judgement found that PFEW let down a large group of our members across the country. Clearly, the ruling makes for very difficult reading, both for our members, and for us as elected officials.  

Our members work incredibly hard to protect the people of Gwent and we understand that they feel let down. As a local branch, and on behalf of PFEW, we are committed to working tirelessly to protect our members and to represent their interests without fear or favour - just as our members serve our communities on a daily basis.

The ruling will be carefully considered, and we are dedicated to ensuring that the response represents and protects our members’ interests effectively.

As a branch, we make a firm pledge to do all we can to ensure your views are heard and acted upon, both locally and nationally.


Matthew Candy              Dean Lanfear

Chair                                 Secretary

Gwent Police Federation