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Gwent Police Federation



Annex V Determination for Regulation 35:

  • Food and Accommodation Expenses
    When a member of a police force is retained on duty beyond his normal daily period of duty, he shall be reimbursed the cost of any meal he then necessarily obtains provided that expenditure is reasonable and backed by a receipt.
    An officer has to be retained on duty in excess of 2 hours past his normal finish time to claim this allowance.
  • Refreshments, Subsistence & Lodging
    These allowances were discontinued from 1 April 2003. Instead, officers will be reimbursed expenditure incurred in the course of duty provided it is: Necessary, reasonable, additional to what the officer would otherwise have incurred and backed by a receipt
  • Food and Accommodation Expenses
    Members who are prevented in the course of a tour of duty or shift from obtaining a meal in their usual way will be reimbursed the difference between the meal obtained and the meal they would usually take in the course of that tour.
    Members retained on duty beyond their normal daily period of duty or shift (in excess of 2 hours or more) will be reimbursed the cost of any meal necessarily obtained.
    Members will be reimbursed accommodation expenses necessarily incurred in connection with duty away from their usual place of duty or because of being retained on duty beyond their normal daily period of duty or shift.
    In all cases receipts will need to be presented, and the expenditure must be reasonable.